2011 Board of Directors

Scott Brown, Past Chairman
Chester County Y. M. C. A.
157 Columbia Street
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 581-9622 Ext. 22
Cell: 374-5944
E-Mail: scottbrown@upymca.org

Dennis Hemphill, Chairman
4374 Lancaster Highway
Richburg, S, C. 29729
Phone: 789-4301
Fax: 704-290-5115
E-Mail: dennis.hemphill@atimetals.com

Bill Marion, Secretary
Gaston, Gaston, and Marion Attorneys
P.O. Box 608
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 385-2114
Fax: 385-2113
E-Mail: marionwld@yahoo.com

Ann Hayes, Treasurer
Founders Federal Credit Union
P. O. Box 1079
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 377-6005
Fax: 377-6025
E-Mail: ann.hayes@foundersfcu.com

Debbie Parsons, Education Committee
Chester County Career Center
1324 J. A. Cochran By Pass
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 377-1991
Fax: 581-0912
E-Mail: dparsons@chester.k12.sc.us

Mr. David Brunt
Tru Vista Communications
112 York Street
Chester, S.C. 29706
Phone: 385-2191
Fax: 581-2226
E-Mail: dbrunt@truvista.biz

Mr. Eddie Nunnery
City True Value Hardware
125 Church Street
Phone: 581-0335
Fax: 581-8148
E-Mail: Pending

Mr. Joey Neal
Chester County Natural Gas Authority
2605 Dawson Drive
Chester, S.C. 29706
Phone: 385-3157
Fax: 581-1543
E-Mail: jneal@chestergas.com

Mr. Peter Wilson
Cotton Hills Farm
2575 Lowrys Highway
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 385-7695
E-Mail: Wilson@hotmail.com

Mrs. Brenda McBrayer
First Citizens Bank, By Pass
1612 J. A. Cochran By Pass
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 377-7151
Fax: 581-1783
E-Mail: brenda.mcbrayer@firstcitizensonline.com

Mr. Will Smith
Nationwide Insurance - Will Smith Agency
P.O. Box 899
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 377-7191
Fax: 377-7193
E-Mail: smithw14@nationwide.com

Mr. Fred W. Castles III
155 Wylie Street
Chester, S. C. 29706
Phone: 385-5123
Fax: 385-2066
E-Mail: fcastles@cmdcsd.com

Mr. Jim Fuller
Chester County Chamber of Commerce
109 Gadsden Street
Phone: 581-4142
Fax: 581-2431
Cell: 446-4445
E-Mail: preschamber@truvista.net

Mr. Page Vaughan, CEO
Chester Regional Medical Center
One Medical Park Drive
Chester, S. C. 29706
Office: 803-581-9400
Home: 803-581-2565
E-Mail: page.vaughan@hma.com