The Revival AAA Glidden Tour is the most prestigious of all antique automobile Tours in the nation. This Tour was originally held annually from 1904 until 1913 to demonstrate the reliability of the automobile to the public. The AAA Glidden Tour was revived in 1946, after World War II to celebrate the history of the automobile. Renown singer James Melton headed the celebration in 1946. The “AAA Revival Glidden Tour” is a copyrighted name. The Revival AAA Glidden Tour is hosted by the Antique Automobile Club of America on odd numbered years. In September 2019 the Tour will be held in the Olde English District of South Carolina with some stretches into Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties. The 2019 Glidden Tour will attract over 250 participants who will be driving about 135 vehicles manufactured between 1908 and 1942. This week-long Tour always adds a boost to the area economy with visits to local attractions, hotel accommodations, catering, gasoline purchases, and everything else needed to take care of 100+ families on the move. The 2019 Glidden Tour will be hosted by the Hornets Nest Region.

**The cars of the Glidden Tour will be in Chester County on September 26th.  They will be in beautiful downtown Chester approximately between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.  The parade of cars will arrive after touring Chester State Park--from West End Street to Oakland Ave to Church Street, and then parking in the Back Lot.  Don't miss this opportunity to see history come alive!  Come early to enjoy a day in Chester....visit our museums (free admission to our Transportation Museum and Chester Historical Society Museum), Arts Council--Ann D. Marion Gallery, antique shops, & specialty stores--including the oldest hardware store in South Carolina!  Carolina Cajun Meats food truck (see menu below), Kona Ice of Lancaster & Chester and live music with SugarFree will be on top of The Hill in the afternoon. Rice Tours of Blackstock will be offering a free shuttle services so you don't miss a single fun stop.  The City of Chester is sponsoring a Car Scavenger Hunt so be sure to participate.

Public Parking Lots:

Renaissance Square Parking Lot (Farmer's Home Furniture)


Municipal Parking Area - Hudson Street


Main Street (across from War Memorial Building)


*Handicap spots will be marked off behind Black's Drugs, but you must have the proper permit to park in these spots.


For those visitors who wish to drive their personal antique & classic cars to the event, the parking lot at the Agribusiness Center (Farmer's Market Building) will be reserved for you. 111 Columbia Street


Rice Tours will provide a shuttle service around town- stopping at the back lot, on The Hill and at the museums. Chester Fire Department will have a first aid station in the back lot pavilion. City Hall will be open for restrooms.


The following streets will close at 1:00 p.m.--Gadsden from City Hall to the light at Church, Cadz St./Pundt St., Wylie, and part of Columbia. The cars will enter the back-lot around 2:30 p.m. after touring the state park via West End to Oakland Ave to Church St.

Click here for a list of participating cars (subject to change).

We're excited to announce SugarFree will be providing live music Thursday afternoon on "The Hill."  They are a local band that plays a variety of songs (including some country tunes and some southern rock).  Band members include:

Sam Woodson – keyboard, guitar, vocals  *Call Sam to book the band.  803-417-3412

Toby Taylor - vocals

Robert Spencer – bass

Kathy Davis – flute, saxophone

Mark Baker – drums 

Glidden Tour Event Map!
Parking RED--Glidden Tour Cars Only
Parking BLUE--Public
Parking ORANGE--Public parking for those with their own classic cars
#1 Transportation Museum
#2 Chester Historical Society Museum
Shuttle bus = shuttle stops.
Yellow zone = food trucks, live music, shopping, City's Welcome Tent. Shuttle will stop in yellow zone too.

Chester County Chamber of Commerce

109 Gadsden Street

Chester, South Carolina 29706

(803) 581-4142