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Chamber Scholarship

CLICK HERE to apply!  Due by May 12, 2023.  

Scholarship requirements

The Chester County Chamber of Commerce Laptop Scholarship is awarded to one area student who wishes to further his/her education at one of South Carolina’s accredited two-year schools.  Chester High School, Great Falls High School and Lewisville High School seniors who plan to attend a two-year technical college are eligible for this laptop scholarship, valued at approximately $1000.

Instructions for Completing the Application Package for the Chamber Laptop Scholarship (Laptop value = approximately $1000)


  • Applicant must be a senior currently attending high school in Chester County
  • GPA must be at least a 2.0
  • Must be planning to attend an accredited two-year school in the state of South Carolina (here is a list)

Preparing your Application Package…

Application package including application, two letters of recommendation and essay must be received no later than May 12, 2023.

All information on the application form must be filled out completely.  Failure to complete all sections may result in disqualification or point deduction.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of scholarship recommendation are required.  At least one must be an educational recommendation from a Teacher, School Counselor, School Administrator, or Academic Adviser.  The other letter should be submitted by a responsible adult at least 21 years of age, not related to you and who is not your legal guardian. Letters of recommendation should be written by adults who are familiar with your personal life, community involvement, and academic accomplishments.

*Note: Letters of recommendation MUST be included in your application package


Your essay should answer the questions:  1. What are your career goals? And 2. How will this laptop help you achieve these goals? Include all honors and accomplishments of your educational career and all extracurricular activities, including, participating in student organizations, school sponsored activities, civic organizations, church activities and any other community involvement in less than 350 words.


One copy of your Official Transcript of Grades showing final grades for the 9th- 11th grades is required. It must clearly show a cumulative GPA. The first semester grades for classes taken your senior year must be included.

All applications must be received no later than May 12, 2023, and winners will be announced during senior awards, with instructions on how to receive your laptop from the chamber.

**You may upload your attachments to your completed online application or print and mail your attachments to Chester County Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 489, Chester, SC 29706--postmarked by May 12th.