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The Chester County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to launch our "Stay Local My Friends" campaign.  The goals of this campaign are simple:

  • Encourage partnerships across all business platforms across Chester County
  • Increase local spending

    • Promote a more diverse small business Community—Businesses create our Community’s Personality/Culture
    • Educate consumers on each business's offerings (services or products)
Spratt Stay Local

We need your help!

Stay local billboard
  • Brag!  Ask your customers to brag! Click HERE to download a message you can print for individual customers.  Click HERE for a flyer to put by the cash register.
  • Journal about your experiences in Chester County:
    • When you shop & eat out
    • When you go to the doctor, the mechanic, the beauty shop, the dentist, etc.
    • When you’re at school events, work functions, ballgames, weddings, etc.
  • Add our campaign hashtags to your social media posts & photos
    #ChesterCountyLoyal and #StayLocalMyFriends.  Hashtags will tie our  campaign together across hundreds of posts!
  • Add our Stay Local logo to your website or social media page.  Click HERE for a PDF that you can save as a picture or copy/paste.
  • When a chamber member recruits a new member, that original member gets a $50 credit towards their own membership dues!  Recruit up to 5 members and you've got a free basic-package membership for the year.
  • ​Sponsor radio ads or billboards--we'll add your company name and logo as a sponsor!  Email us for options.
  • Grab a yard sign or banner to put in front of your place of business.  Want a custom piece done with your logo and ours?  Email 321 Graphics for ideas and details.
stay local yard sign